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What the Folk is FOLK U?


FOLK U GLOUCESTER is the performing arts training arm of the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company. As our company enters its sixth season, we continually strive to raise our own standards of excellence in our unique brand of community theatre, while maintaining our tradition of creating original work which draws inspiration from local history and culture, as well as personal biography. Through this program, we will bring a professional arts conservatory model to the adult community of Gloucester and the North Shore. FOLK U will offer basic training, including scene work, memorization and acting methods, character development, improvisation, physical theatre and more!





Henry Allen has a lifelong career as a theatre artist: folklorist, performer, director, writer, designer, producer and arts educator. A masters graduate of the National Theatre Conservatory and the founding director of the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company, Henry brings sensitivity and expertise to his mentorship of actors at all life’s stages, youth through senior.