Not every kid is a "camp kid," but every child belongs in a club.

In our clubs, every child belongs.

Minimum 6 children to start a program. Customizable schedules. Suited to every budget. Homeschooling programs available as well.

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169 Main Street, Gloucester

More than just acting and playwriting, The Folklore Theatre Company is vested in teaching practical Life Skills and Virtue that the arts uniquely can provide at every level of development.

Our programs for youth are mixed-age, like a family. Older kids help the younger ones with everything from shoe-tying to street crossing, gentle guidance and comforting. The younger ones teach patience, healthy nurturing, being in the moment and responsibility to older ones.

"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.
Rabindranath Tagore

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Henry-Cameron Allen has enjoyed a lifelong career as a theatre artist: folklorist, performer, director, writer, designer, producer, arts educator and global life skills mentor.


A graduate of the National Theatre Conservatory's Master of Fine Arts in Acting, and the founding director of the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company, Henry brings sensitivity, warmth, and expertise to his global cultural stewardship and mentorship of artists at all life’s stages, youth through senior. 









"Thank you, Henry-Cameron Allen for your honesty, encouragement, and love and understanding you bring to your work with the community, especially the kids!

My son loves being part of it and it is such a great experience for him!"


"These young kids spent two weeks outdoors learning about local history and legends and the next week wrote, designed and performed their own play based on much of what they learned... I had the privilege of attending one writing/rehearsal session and it was like watching magic come to life as these kids came together envisioning and creating their dialogue and characters under Henry's guidance and inspiration. The whole atmosphere was infused with freedom to be who they were and respect for each other and the friends they were making... Every day I picked up a disheveled, bright-eyed, sun-kissed little girl who was having the time of her life and who couldn't wait to leave for her club each day... If I tried, I could not have found a more unique and fulfilling experience for my daughter...Thank you so much, Henry... hope we get to be a part of it again!"


"Henry is so talented and understands Gloucester in a way that is even better than many residents do. He works with a cast with little or no experience. He is teaching people of all ages to create plays that they then act out. The plays often tell a story from different perspectives of local issues of the past and present, usually leaving us with wondering what the future will bring! I am proud of this community of Gloucester that attracts such great talent."

"The best group of people to have in your life!! NSFTC..."


"The programs and productions are full of beneficial experiences for my child. They learn to work hard (while playing hard). They are part of a team. The mixed ages group and multi-generational involvement is enriching for all ages involved. My son has realized that if he becomes lazy about rehearsing or putting together ideas for productions his choices affect all of the people involved. This is real life in action. The programs offered by North Shore Folklore Theatre offer kids experiences that give them an alternative activity to many of the age segregated situations they may have available to them. As a parent, this is very important to me as it is not only lots of fun, but it is a representation of the real world. Isn't that what we want them to be ready for?"



"My daughter's experience with Budding Artists was a complete joy."



"I love you all and believe in you and I do not have to say the difference I see in my child all because of you and the theatre family!! Please keep doing what you do!!"



"Thank you, Henry! Your work is amazing! My kid comes home happy and I just love it! Thank you!"



"You guys are THE BEST!! My daughter talks about you all constantly and she has become more aware and more creative since being in your class & camp. You are all amazing!! "



"What fun! Thank you Henry for giving these kids such wonderful experiences."



"Thank you, Henry. for providing this enriching activity for our youngsters as well as the adults who are a shining success!"



"My child has been having such a wonderful time in Summer Stock Theatre Club! Everyday I pick up a smiling, happy camper."



"What lucky kids! Wish every city could have this kind of program - they'll remember this forever."




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